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Hack to Win a Blackphone 2

Posted by Kymberlee Price on Feb 22, 2016 1:34:30 PM

We are proud to partner with Silent Circle to offer the crowd an opportunity to earn a free Blackphone!  

Silent Circle launched their bounty program with Bugcrowd in September 2014, and continues their tradition of working collaboratively with, and rewarding security researchers for their vulnerability submissions. To that same end, this contest brings together Bugcrowd's security researcher community and Silent Circle's commitment to create and support secure products. 

Silent Circle has consistently upheld the highest standards of security and privacy in their smartphones, and the Blackphone 2 is no exception. 

 "The Blackphone 2 is the most secure smartphone you can get your hands on today, and it doesn't scrimp on features or functionality. It's a normal Android phone at heart, with a toughened security shell. - CNET



Between February 20 and March 31, the crowd member that earns the most Kudos points from P1 and P2 submissions in the specified targets will  will win a Blackphone 2 (carrier unlocked, MSRP $799.00 USD).  


  • Silent Circle endpoint applications on supported OSes

  • Blackphone SilentOS or hardware

Please review Silent Circle's program brief for full rules and details.

Any additional questions regarding this contest can be sent to support@bugcrowd.com.


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Kymberlee Price

Written by Kymberlee Price