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Researcher Spotlight: Darkarnium

It’s only been 5 months since Darkarnium joined Bugcrowd, but in that short time he’s shot his way up our all-time leaderboard to #113 and impressed us all with his 100% acceptance rate and 1.5 average priority.  Darkarnium is a bit of a “sniper”, the bugs that he submits are often a high priority and Read article →

3 Years since Bugcrowd’s First Bug Bounty!

Three years ago today we launched our very first bug bounty on “a nifty web app!” [see the original post here] What started as just a web form submission for Bugcrowd’s first bug bounty testing program in 2012 has evolved into an awesome and ever improving platform, a dynamic community of the best security researchers Read article →

Researcher Thanks-Giveaway

Today marks Bugcrowd’s 3-year anniversary of launching our first bounty program. We’ve come a long way over these few years, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing researcher community. To celebrate this milestone we’d like to give Thanks to the community through a Thanks-Giveaway! We’re giving away three $100 Steam Gift cards to Read article →

Researcher Spotlight: Sebastian Neef, Tim Schäfers of Internetwache

This week’s Researcher Spotlight is actually on two researchers which make up a team. Internetwache is one of the most active groups in the bug bounty researcher scene, finding vulnerabilities in Facebook, eBay, Apple, Twilio and many others. The team consists of Sebastian Neef and Tim Schäfers, and they were both kind of enough to participate Read article →

Researcher Spotlight: Mazin Ahmed

Today’s spotlight is on a researcher who clearly enjoys giving back and helping the community. Mazin Ahmed has been active in the bug bounty scene for the last two years and can often be found collaborating and joining discussions on Twitter, IRC, forums and other communities.

October 2015 Researcher Newsletter

Today it’s Halloween in the Bugcrowd offices. Behind me there’s Freddie Mercury, Raiden, Daft Punk, Steve Jobs, Shellshock, and many others. If you’re interested in pictures, we’ll post some up today on the @Bugcrowd Twitter. October has been a great month for us at Bugcrowd. In this newsletter we celebrate Bugcrowd’s 3 year anniversary, share Read article →

Researcher Spotlight – Casey Dunham

The security researcher community at Bugcrowd is quite diverse with backgrounds and experience of all shapes and sizes. This week’s researcher spotlight is on Casey Dunham, a security professional with a computer science background and experience as a software developer. In our interview below, you will see how Casey’s background informs his approach to security Read article →

Art Coviello Joins Our Board of Directors

We are excited to announce the newest member of the Bugcrowd Board of Directors, industry icon and veteran driver of cybersecurity innovation, Art Coviello Jr. Bugcrowd’s view has always been that the economic and resourcing model of the bug bounty programs pioneered by Netscape, Google and Facebook is more that just the “latest and greatest Read article →

Researcher Spotlight – Ciaran “Mak” McNally

At Bugcrowd we’ve heard from many researchers that they would love to do bug hunting full-time. Many researchers have used bug bounties as way to supplement their income, build up their skills, increase the size of their professional network and the number of work opportunities available to them.

September 2015 Hall of Fame

September 2015 Hall of Fame announcement time!  Big recognition goes to securityidiots, who topped the September leaderboard with 329 points earned through multiple P1 and P2 submissions.