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Kati Rodzon Joins Bugcrowd

Hi All, Recently a new addition to the Researcher Operations team has been spotted around the Bugcrowd office…

RVAsec 2015: Hybrid CTF Bug Bash

Bugcrowd is excited to partner with the good folks at RVAsec to bring conference attendees a totally new hybrid CTF experience with competition including both a CTF and a Bugcrowd Bug Bash on live web targets!  Teams can win points for captured flags or valid vulnerabilities discovered during this two day event on June 4th and 5th in Richmond, Read article →

Jason Haddix joins Bugcrowd as Director of Technical Operations

Today we are excited to announce that Jason Haddix has joined Bugcrowd as our Director of Technical Operations. Jason is one of the most active and talented security consultants in the world, we are very excited and proud to have him on our team.

Bugcrowd hosting the AppSec EU 2015 Bug Bash

Bugcrowd is proud to host the AppSec EU Bug Bash – a bug bounty hackathon where cash bounties will be rewarded to those who discover vulnerabilities in companies such as Pinterest, Heroku, Blackphone, Twilio, Barracuda Networks and many more.

April 2015 Hall of Fame

Like Employee of the Month but better, I’m excited to tell you about the three Crowd members that earned top spots on the April 2015 Hall of Fame.  We have a ton of amazing researchers contributing solid bugs every day, but these three ninjas earned the most Kudos points in Bugcrowd bounty programs from April 1 to April Read article →

Get Your Mobile Hack On: Dropbox Flex Bounty

We are excited to announce the start of a 2 week bounty program for Dropbox with a $15,000 prize pool.  Check out the Bounty Brief for full details on the mobile and web targets that are in scope. Not familiar with how a Flex bounty works?  Security researchers submit the best vulnerabilities they can find before the Read article →

Bugcrowd takes RSAC 2015 – A Recap

RSAC 2015 was packed full of big moments for security and for Bugcrowd. We were delighted to have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on bug bounty programs, and the power of crowdsourced security testing.

Bugcrowd is Enterprise Ready

Not all businesses are the same and Bugcrowd recognizes this. From our experience working in the enterprise, for the enterprise, selling to the enterprise and supporting offerings in the enterprise, we know that the needs of the enterprise are unique. Our flagship product, Crowdcontrol has evolved to meet those needs. From the start it has Read article →

Researcher Interview: Fredrik “Almroot” Almroth

We’re joined by Fredrik “Almroot” Almroth, a Bugcrowd community member and highly skilled security researcher. Fredrik has been active in bug bounties since 2010, when he found his first Google vulnerability. Fredrik and his team at Detectify have found vulnerabilities in many of the top bug bounties in the world, including Google and Facebook. He’s one of the Read article →